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The last 18 years modeling has been a wild ride and I've got lots of stories to share with you. I've learnt a lot along the way that I hope will inspire and motivate you. So if you're interested in fashion, family, investing, brand building, social media and to have a good giggle, grab a seat and your fave cup of stuff and lets dive right in - so happy you're here lovely


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PZ Giveaway for Mamas and Babies!

🥳 PZ G I V E A W A Y 🥳 HEY FRIENDS!! I’m thrilled to announce that I have teamed with @pzgiveaways to give away one lucky winner over $5,000 in the absolute BEST prizes for mamas and babies! You have a chance to win everything in this photo and more! See below for […]

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Iskra holding a Saltair body wash (island orchid scent)

A few must-haves from Saltair to add some self care & self love into your daily routines: 1. Body wash (island orchid) 🌸 2. Body smoother (fragrance free) ✨ 3. Refillable deodorant (lagoona) 🌊 4. Hydrating shampoo & conditioner 🤎 5. Nourishing body oil (pink beach) 🏝️ What are your go-to skincare and haircare brands?

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Iskra posing in black Good American bodysuit

Thank you Good American for sending me gorge bodysuits! Love that they come in sizes XS-5XL. I started off with the Scuba Biker Catsuit and their bright pink poplin shirt. To add even more color, I found some orange earrings and heels, as well as a tote that subtly incorporated both the pink and orange. […]

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Iskra posing with her Self Funding Planner in front of a mural in Austin.

If you’ve been following along my journey, you definitely know how much I value incorporating self care into my week however I can. While self care is about nourishing the body and mind and soul, creativity is about expressing ourselves: both can (and often do) coexist beautifully! For some people, it could be painting, photographing […]

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Iskra leaning on Philip, and he's looking at her. The text over their heads says "our (somewhat complicated) love story".

Going to start blogging about my podcast episodes, just to give you a quick summary or sneak peak into what they’re all about! The first episode reveals my love story with Philip, from him finding me on Instagram, to meeting at the Grammys, and even an ex somewhere in between before determining our love for […]

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It’s been a while, and by while I mean over a decade since I’ve blogged (queue feeling like a washed millennial) BUT I’ve never been so excited to truly connect with y’all and write what’s on my heart + share stories I hope will uplift, entertain and empower you – basically I’ll keep falling flat […]

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Iskra is laying down on the grass in a floral top with a Lush Greens Saltair body wash and some flowers surrounding her hair.

If you didn’t know my history yet, I’ll keep it short – let me know in the comments if you’d like a dedicated post about my ED recovery – but essentially, I’m sure like many of you throughout my teenage years I struggled with body dysmorphia, which led to disordered eating. Little did I know […]

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Iskra is wearing a floral pattern dress and looking at the Self Funding Planner she is holding with both hands.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have heard me talking about Self Funding. I’ve created videos and posts talking about investing in myself in the past, and even a video series with Philip where we made about a dozen episodes. But it wasn’t until the global pandemic that I realized Self […]

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Iskra is on the red carpet in a long, metallic dress and black heels.

I didn’t see this coming. I’m sure many of you reading this have gone through huge life changes because of the pandemic. Because same – one particular event really has changed everything. I vividly remember being nine months pregnant when the whole world shut down, wondering what would happen to my career moving from New […]

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Austin, Texas skyline on a clear blue sky day.

Being a nomad for decades, I finally found a place called home. And I never could’ve imagined it would have been Austin, Texas. For years, I’ve lived in places I felt like I needed to be for my career. From London to New York, and even a random stint in Turkey, I was never sure […]

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