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We know there's no rulebook to relationships, but we're here to dish out those tips and tricks to help you become real life relationship goals. 

We'll be bringing on your favorite celebs, experts and guests to deep dive and figure out what being a couple actually means. Don't wait until it's too late - listen weekly and make it cool to give af about your relationship, or finally find your power to walk away because you deserve better.

Leave us a voicemail, comment your question and tune in to hear us answering all your
"I can't believe they said that" moments.

Hosted by me and my partner Philip, Coupleish is your invitation to check in with your partner or ask yourself if you're fulfilled in your relationship in a judgment free zone where no question is off limits.


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We sit down and answer your questions weekly

No question is too big, too small, or too silly for me and Philip. We are here to support you! And the best part is we are going to all learn and grow together. Click one of the links below to get your weekly dose of relationship advice.

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Hi we are Iskra & Philip, your new best friends

Two perfectly imperfect life partners and parents figuring out this thing called life together. Our love story is the stuff of fairytales with a big dollop of reality. But one thing we've always prioritized is communication and checking in. Now we want to help you and you help us navigate life, so tune in and lets be bffs


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Struggling new parents? Can't find love? or cheated on by your ex? Talk to us, We're here to help!


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